Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer Beach Reads

Summer is my favorite time for reading! I love reading outside, especially at the beach. During my vacation, I was able to get through a lot of my to-be-read pile, although it is steadily building up again.  So, just in time for Labor Day weekend here are a few perfect beach reads:

Mary Kay Andrews never disappoints - I read this in one day!

Greer Hennessy is a location director for Hollywood movies. Her latest brings her to Florida in search of an untouched old-time Florida beach town. She finds exactly what she needs in the town of Cypress Keys, but the mayor Eb Thibadeaux is not keen on Hollywood upsetting his peaceful little town. Greer is also dealing with the death of her mother and the fact that her father, who she hasn't seen in 30 years, is suddenly reaching out and happens to live a hour away from the movie location. Soon Hollywood comes to the small town bringing lots of problems fro Greer to deal with from an out of control rap star making his movie debut, to backed up porta potties. This is definitely not the time to add romance to her to-do list, but Greer finds herself drawn to Eb. Mary Kay Andrews has done it once again - I couldn't put it down!

I cannot believe I have never read an Elin Hilderbrand book before.  She is now on my radar!

A beachy summer read set on the island of Nantucket. Grace and Madeline have been best friends forever, living "perfect" lives with their husbands and children. But this summer, things are going to change and the rumor mill is going to be in full gear. Madeleine, the novelist, has writer's block and rents an apartment in town to write. Grace is crushing hard on her gardener, while her husband Eddie is in financial trouble. The small island will be buzzing with rumors about both women and their families. Will friendship survive?

I always love Jane Green's books and this one really peaked my interest with the Nantucket setting.

The narrative goes back and forth in time from 1998 to the present and geographically from London to Nantucket. Since she was a teenager, Cat has relied on alcohol to get her through, but now she is facing losing everything. Her husband has had enough and she is at risk of losing her daughter. Secrets from her mother's past come to light that send Cat to the island of Nantucket.  A family secret has opened up new possibilities for Cat.  All is great, until her actions during and alcoholic blackout send her running back to London. Will Cat finally face the fact that she needs help? Can she start over without alcohol?

I hope you get a chance to do some reading over the long weekend!  I will be back soon with some historical fiction suggestions!